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The Summer Vacation Packing List

AUG 19 | 20

The Summer Vacation Packing List For Beach Bums, Road Trippers & Everyone In Between

The best part of summer is—obviously—vacation. Finally, you have nothing to do but chill out, drink wine (or, maybe even a Pink Martini), spend a few too many hours in the sun and eat. Yup, you should do lots and lots of eating. And don’t forget the ice cream. However, we can all agree that the worst part of getting away is figuring out what to pack for vacation. But don’t just toss everything you own into a suitcase and hope for the best. Consider us to be your packing fairy, here to help you create the perfect summer vacation packing list. From denim cut-offs to Candy pink dresses—plus you can buy slides to match—you’re about to be the best-dressed person, regardless of your destination.

Trippin’ Out

Ah, the freedom of the open road, Harry Styles blasting on the car speakers and a ton of snacks from the last rest stop. Is there anything better than Cruz'in on a road trip? Whether your destination is Malibu or Miami, you’re going to want to feel comfy but look cute. After all, you will be on the road for a long time. You seriously can’t go wrong with a pair of cut-off denim shorts (especially in a cool shade of grey), but it’s really the power clashing that makes this look a killer. Trust us, when this little checked blouse meets our Cobra Grey sandals, it will be the most powerful pairing since, well, Bonnie and Clyde.

(Don’t) Stop Wine-ing

Girl, if you thought this outfit looks like a wearable picnic, that’s because it is. For your upcoming visit to a winery, skip the picnic blanket and wear it as a dress instead. Add on some fruity fresh accessories (a necklace with watermelon and Lime should do and poppin’ lip gloss will help), tote around a tiny little bag and add some sunglasses that are just as over-the-top as you. FYI, we’d argue that the Freedom Moses in Goldie actually pairs best with a crisp sparkling cherry wine—only the best for you, Darling!

Beach Face

Life’s a beach, so you better dress like it. And by that we mean slipping into a sand-friendly bikini that’s 100 percent Tropicool, with sunset-approved punches of orange, bubble gum pink and sunny yellow. Even if you’re not jetting off to Capri beach vacation packing list (and, uh, actually put it on).

Chill Pill

This outfit goes out to all the professional loungers out there. You know, the ones who can spend vacation sitting on the couch for hours without getting up even once. You’re our relaxation gurus and we admire your chill. Even if you’re slightly more uptight than that, you’ll still feel relaxed on your getaway in an easy pair of linen pants and a cool knit tank. Keep your Stormy slides handy, just in case you can’t convince anyone to bring you a glass of water and a freshly baked Sugar cookie or, well, you actually have to get up and do something.

Fine ‘n’ Dine

Raise your hand if you’re sick and tired of cooking. Yeah, that’s what we thought. You deserve to go out for a sushi dinner (go on, order all the Sashimi you’d like)—in an outfit that’s just as colorful as you are. And yes, you most definitely should order the pink martini that best matches your hot pink dress. The more people who stare, the better. In fact, make sure they get a good look at the accessories you remembered to add to your summer vacation packing list, too, starting with your White Splatter Freedom Moses slides and ending with a pair of purposely mismatched earrings.