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Socks and Slides

JAN 17 | 21

Socks & Slides Are Here To Slay

The secret is out. Socks & Sandals. The comfort. The functionality. The vibe.

Is it okay to wear socks and sandals? Are S’mores good? Is stargazing cool? The answer is yes.

For some, socks and sandals is a big no-no. But for those wholove the combo- you are not alone! Different classes of people from all around the world are rocking this edgy trend, it’s been going on for centuries- even the Romans were fond of the pair. Some make the argument that wearing socks with sandals keeps them squeaky clean while others think they keep the sunny rays away- either way socks and sandals are here to slay!




Socks and Slides


The chicest way to pull off this trend is to wear a pair of statement socks that are chill and delicate yet fun and exciting. Lace, fun prints and sheer styles can all be seen from a distance and will help create whatever statement you wish to achieve! As for slides- we’ve got it all taken care of. There are endless styles that will pair well with these socks, depending on the effect you want to get (are we feeling dramatic or ladylike?). Try on a pair of Blue Jeans with some velvety socks or perhaps Cobra Mikado if you feel like sticking with a laid back colour but an eye-catching print. Don't have to stop there, let loose and buy a pair of blue slides in any style your heart desires.




Socks and Slides


Nowadays (and always) comfort should come first. For this reason it comes as no surprise that this trend has taken peoples wardrobe by storm. Even during fashion week people arrived with this kind of combo- wearing ultra bright socks with open toe heels. Do you know the feeling of shoes rubbing into your feet and giving you blisters? Now you can scrap that feeling and buy a pair of red slides online to begin trending the style that’ll not only put a stop to all that but finally give socks some time in the lime-light. This trend will be the talk of the town this winter and will even trick your brain into thinking that it’s still summer season.




Socks and Slides


One of the best parts of wearing socks with sandals is that they can either be a statement style or camping staple- depending how you play with it. For the chillest end of the spectrum slide into some Bling and wear a pair of sheer socks to complete the look and help you relax in style this chilly time of year.  Feel like prepping it up? Buy a pair of Leopard slides online and pair them up with some pattern socks to really knock it out of the park.When it comes to how to wear socks and sandals, there’s very little you can do wrong.