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APR 18 | 21


“I won’t be a rock star. I will be a legend,” Queen’s Freddie Mercury once confidently stated. We have to say, we *love* that approach to life. In fact, going forward we suggest borrowing it as inspiration when getting dressed. Especially when you’re trying to decide between blue slides and red slides (luckily, it’s impossible to go wrong with either of those choices).

There’s defiantly something about the glitz, glam and enduring wow-factor of rockstars that can really put you in the mood to pick out the best outfit of all time. For example, if you’re anything like us, the recent tie-dye craze sent you deep into a Google spiral on a hunt for iconic pictures from the ‘60s and ‘70s.

We’re talking about effortlessly cool snaps of Jimi Hendrix mid-performance, The Rolling Stones hanging out in the South of France and The Runaways jamming out to Cherry Bomb in bell bottoms and the coolest T-shirts. Then there’s Joan Jett just being her badass self, Prince in all of his pre-Purple Rain glory and Elton John decked out in glorious, glorious bling. Clearly, the fashion of that era is not to be missed, from rainbow tie-dyed everything to fringe galore and plenty of timeless denim.

zeppelin white slides

We have a feeling that the rock ‘n’ roll legends of those decades would love our two newest slide styles: Zeppelin and Joplin. Both are splashed with a super nostalgic tie-dye print - one that’s done up in moody, earthy shades on a black background and the other is deep hues of blue and cyan on white slides. They’re the kind of slides that would definitely be worn by the crowd at Woodstock back in the day...or even next year when Coachella is finally back on. And if you wanted to call them hippie chic, well, we’d 100 percent agree with you ??

joplin black

These colorful slides aren’t just retro or vintage inspired. They’re designed for modern day rockstars and musicians with real personalities, like Miley or Gaga—plus, all the up-and-coming stars of TikTok & Instagram.

Even if you don’t happen to be a world-renowned vocalist with a shocking stage presence to match, Freedom Moses slides will surly help bring out your most free loving side. When you find yourself jamming out in your bedroom with a hairbrush as a microphone just slip on a pair of slides to find the true rockstar that you are, deep down

Peace, love and rock ‘n’ roll darling, there’s no better mantra to live by!