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AUG 15 | 21


In less than two weeks, K-12 classrooms across the country will reopen for in-person learning. Or not. As Covid-19 threatens to disrupt yet another school year, parents prepare for any scenario. 

Here are some tips to help your kids stay sane and stylish whether they go back to school or back to Zoom.

Scenario 1: Back to school

Make masks fun & personal

The use of face masks in classrooms is a hot topic. For now, the CDC recommends universal indoor masking for all teachers, staff, students, and visitors to K-12 schools. Still, the decision whether or not to mandate masks is up to the parents and the school. 

While kids aren’t part of the debate, it’s good to involve them in choosing a mask that’s light and breathable and that they actually like. Just before school starts, do some fun mask shopping together. Be sure to get a few options so that they can match the mask with their cool slide shoes or other items in their closet.

Tuti Baby kids’ slides with matching mask 

Do some retail therapy 

Back to school shopping is a great way to get kids excited about the big day. The mere act of adding school supplies as well as colorful cute outfits to a shopping cart is a real mood booster. 

Shopping in preparation for the new school year is also effective in restoring kids’ sense of autonomy and control. After almost two years of not knowing what’s going on, buying those cute Baby Stars slides they liked can feel like a positive personal achievement. Right now, getting exactly what they want is just what they need. 

Happiness booster Baby Stars slides for kids  

Build up a tolerance for ambiguity

Although kids are the superheroes of the Covid-19 pandemic, going back to school may involve anxiety and stress. Staying chill and confident while giving kids ample space to share their fears is the best way to continue offering comfort and reassurance. 

The most important thing is to listen. Let them explain everything that’s on their mind and really hear them out. Be honest about what’s happening right now with the pandemic (but spare them the gory details). Explain that although we very much want it to be, the pandemic is not over. Be ready to have an open discussion about how this might affect them.


BLOG_Back to school_TUTI slides


Scenario 2: School’s out

Dress for Zoom school

Like adults, wearing something they feel good in helps children approach the new day with confidence and purpose. It’s important to nurture a routine of getting dressed every morning as though they were actually going out to school. 

Set a time for changing out of the school outfit and into a comfy pj and casual home slides. This helps signal the transition from study mode to leisure time while kids are cooped up at home. No harm in using this yourself as a cue to change into your tracksuit and a comfy pair of soft slides

Comfy Candy kids’ slides to wear at home

Make time for some chill-time 

This is probably the hardest and most important thing to keep up while school’s out. Both parents and kids will need some me-time in which they can do as they please. For parents, this may mean time for self-care while for kids it may be free play outdoors. Whatever you choose to do with it, opt for at least 30 minutes of chill time twice a day. 

Go outside

Get outside regularly. Just because kids are Zoom-schooling doesn’t mean they have to stay inside the whole day. Nature has its own rhythm and outdoor activities can offer a nice break from how quickly things are changing.  

Pink Glitter kids’ slides to wear outdoors


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