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JUL 21 | 21


Shimmering scales and a whiff of danger. It doesn’t get any fiercer than snake print. 

It’s easy to understand what it is about snakes that keeps the fashion industry mesmerized year in, year out. The breathtaking beauty and venomous fangs of these lethal reptiles make them an effective attention grabber. 

Maybe it’s the idea of death that makes life seem exhilarating. Or maybe we just love to watch them as they slide by quietly, all sleek and untouchable. Whatever the reason, luxury snake print is keeping the fashion world in a trance. 

With snake print once again making a comeback, we decided to give a new twist to the old-time trend. This animal-friendly, vegan cobra & viper slides collection is a fierce and gorgeous addition to any sustainable wardrobe.  


Walk like an Egyptian

Since ancient times, snake print has served as a powerful fashion statement. 

In ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs wore the sign of the snake on the forehead to symbolize their sovereignty. In ancient Greece, Asclepius - God of Medicine - carried a staff with one or two serpents wrapped around it. 2000 years later, we still see supermodels and celebrities rocking full snake print suits, boots and bags.

In all its colors and shapes, snake print is one of our favorite trends. If only because it always manages to shed the old and return shiny new. From evening wear to street style, snake print is still a great way to give a touch of intensity to our lives.


Did the fashion industry take a wrong turn?

It’s hard to argue with the intoxicating sense of control you get when walking around in a pair of snake print shoes. Still, it feels like somewhere along the way the fashion industry got it all wrong. 

From the entrancing cobra to the awesome viper, people have always loved wrapping themselves in the skins of these beautiful creatures. But hunting and skinning nature’s magical animals isn’t just cruel, it also reduces their power. Sorry for the gruesome image, but it had to be said. 

It does seem that the fashion industry is making a serious attempt to develop a more responsible approach to fashion production, with faux fur coats and environmentally friendly shoes and accessories. But when it comes to the luxury of exotic skins, the industry is still behind. 

It’s not just that the $1 billion snakeskin market is illegal, unsustainable and cruel, it’s also that it misses the whole point of wearing snake prints, which is to connect to nature and its power through the clothes we wear.  


Be one with nature with snake print slides

Snakes are revered because they symbolize a deep connection to Pachamama. From the way they slide their cold bellies on the earth to the way they shed their skin, these magnificent creatures are the epitome of Earth’s life cycle. 

Gladly, more and more people are realizing that the best way to absorb some of this awesomeness is by making peace, not war. Buying a pair of cruelty-free, vegan snake print slides, for example, is a powerful reflection of your love for nature and its wonders.  


VIPER Snake print slide


Killer Viper slides: When you feel dangerous   

The deadliest of all snakes, these saw-scaled viper slides are best worn when you’re feeling lethally sexy. 

The viper’s keeled scales, triangular heads and camouflage colors make it one of the most beautiful and unique snakes of all. In honor of this awesome creature, our ethical viper slides were designed for a sleek and sinuous look that is dangerously hypnotizing - shoppers beware!

Match your new viper slides with form-fitting trousers and a loose top for a complete look.


COBRA Snake print slide


Gilded Cobra Sands: When you feel like royalty

Inspired by the mighty King Cobra, these snake print sand slides are all you need to feel royally enchanting. 

The dazzling black chevrons on the sandy background will add an awe inspiring effect to your walk. And the firm support and airy comfort of these cruelty-free sustainable cobra slides will make you look and feel charmingly aloof. 

Dress it up with a classy high neckline or keep it casual with a street style hoodie for maximum effect.